Wan Fadzil Adlan Wan Sidik

ILSAS International Conference on Learning & Development

Wan Fadzil Adlan – Wan, Wan Fadzil or just plain Fadzil – longs for the open sea in a sailboat with the wind in his hair and hardly a care in the world. In the meantime, he leads a group of Change Management practitioners inspiring people and changing lives, as they face change in their day to day lives. ILSAS Consulting Group is his sailboat, and the people successfully facing change is the wind in his hair.
Wan Fadzil went to the world’s oldest journalism school – University of Missouri Columbia – to study Engineering. Graduating in Mechanical Engineering, he began a career in Operations in the electricity industry. There, he became familiar with change as he rode the waves of change hitting the industry. He navigated waves of Business Process reengineering, Enterprise-wide digitalization, Knowledge management systems, Quality management system and business transformation, each time arming himself with new tools and approaches. It was only natural that he progressed into a Master’s degree in Engineering Management and left operations to get into management consulting.
Having mastered change in the 30 years of the electricity industry, he continues to inspire people and change lives today, embracing new methods, from transforming organization cultures with Lego Serious Play, to designing engaging virtual workshops with play.