Sujimy Mohamad

ILSAS International Virtual Conference on Learning & Development

Sujimy Mohamad is the Managing Director of ScreenBox Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based digital content creating agency. Previously a production house known for its internationaldocumentaries and media production services for an impressive list of local and regional clients, Sujimy has paved the way for ScreenBox to evolve and align itself to today’s digital age of social media. ScreenBox has carved a niche area for itself, with its multiple owned and managed Facebook pages which garner an average people reached of 6 million monthly. On the marketing front, Sujimy is also well-known amongst advertisers and ad agencies in creating effective advertising campaigns and viral marketing videos targeting the Malay/Muslim community in Singapore and across the region. 

Today, he is also a social media influencer with more than 250,000 followers on his Facebook page. He is recognised for his vlogs that feature human-interest stories with social messaging. His vlogs are widely followed with viewership ratings ranging from 500,000 to 3.2 million views and clinching an average online reach of 3 million people. Having been a veteran in the media industry for 31 years, Sujimy honed his skills early in the backrooms of broadcasting stations. To date, this National University of Singapore alumnus is a prominent member of the TV industry and has produced and directed over 80 TV shows, documentaries and numerous viral videos. Sujimy also leads a team in ScreenBox who manages StarHub’s Malay Hub Sensasi Channel 123. His creative achievements have attained the respect of many in the Malay community.

When it comes to producing and directing documentaries, Sujimy has hands-on experience and an uncommon natural affinity. Sujimy’s early documentaries include award-winning Hanyut (Adrift) revolving around the stories of wayward youth and Kau Istimewa (You’re Special) featuring the destitute in Singapore – both won local and international awards respectively. In later years, his documentaries began addressing other human-interest issues in Asia such as The Million-makers, The Peddlers of Asia and The Centennials Asia for Channel News Asia. While he currently focuses his energy on social media content creation, his previous works are still being sold and distributed across the globe till today.