FastStone Image Viewer x86-x64 Download

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FastStone Image Viewer x86-x64 Download

Clean torrent FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer’s name is somewhat misleading because it is both image viewer and editor. While it cannot compete with the cool features of the leading image editing package, it is display options on the top level.

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FastStone image Viewer comes with a wide range of image viewing options. First, it is a standard file browser that displays thumbnails of your images with a preview window of the file that is currently selected. The program also offers an option to control individual images in full-screen mode and as a slide show with different background effects, as well as the ability to zoom in and maximize your photos.

Other options are the ability to compare up to four images side-by-side, so you can decide who you want to keep and tag your photos (with location) and view information about EXIF (camera settings and scene data).

However, FastStone Image Viewer only exceeds the display of images. You can make quick changes to straighten the best in your photos, such as adding an elegant frame that acts as a mask to reduce sharp edges or add edges, watermarks and sketches and oil painting effects.

Or, if you happen to work with 3d, FastStone Image Viewer also offers a very effective BOM map option that will serve you well for texturing. There are also standard tools to resize, crop, brightness/adjust darkness, sharpen/blur, grayscale and red-eye removal, as well as more sophisticated tools to adjust levels, curves and lighting.

Other features include batch conversion to PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF files and an option to capture the screen and add text, lines and shapes to the drawing menu. FastStone Image Viewer also supports touch input Interface.

For complex layout

FastStone Image Viewer Interface looks a bit outdated and is too busy. It’s not clear what all the buttons do at the top of the screen and it complicates the layout. However, the drop-down menus are well organized and logical, making it much easier to access the options you need.

When you view your photos in full-screen mode, you can still access the different tools by hovering over the four corners of the screen, which is a useful trick and helps the program become easier to use. Or you can right-click on the screen to get some basic navigation and editing options.

You can change the skin of FastStone image Viewer If you prefer a different style (MacX, Windows XP, Windows Classic, etc.).

Stick to image viewing

There is a healthy competition in the Image Viewer Arena and FastStone Image Viewer offers many great features in a fairly simple to use (if not very pleasing) package. But the program seems to have an identity crisis and can not determine whether it is an image editor or a viewer. If FastStone image Viewer follows the development of its range of good image viewing capabilities, then it will remain the best choice for download. The portable version is available on the developer’s website. Finally, if you are looking for more free alternatives to this program, we encourage you to download IrfanView or XnView.

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