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The raft is a survival and crafting game that puts you in the role of a shiplogist that must collect materials from the sea to get food and water. Together or with friends, use the wreck to build and expand your Live is a full-time jobin raft, and start with just a simple hook and rope. Use this to retrieve debris from the sea. You can use this or expand the Improvilible container you are on or to build tools and other items. You can find more material at the bottom of the sea floor. Upgrading platforms can help you catch more chips, cook, distill water and much more. You also want a weapon to defend yourself against a hungry shark circling you. The game is relatively simple, but keeping alive while expanding and designing your ship requires so many different missions that never get boring. (Function () ((“Preview-app-Page-Desktop”);); Simple, but it is a compelling lingraft very simple game of heart, but its constant desire for attention makes it easier to restore. Production values are simple, but are effective for the purpose of the game. If you like survival games, this is worth your time.

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