Aquaman 2019 kat BluRay full movie torrent

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Aquaman 2019 kat BluRay full movie torrent

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The Film shows the history of the Origins of man, half-Atlanknow Arthur Curry and sent him to the life of the journey-his, that not only his power to deal with him who is the truth, but to discover whether he is worthy of the king who was born.

After the house’s highest civilization in the countryside, the city of Atlantis is now an underwater kingdom has prevailed in King ORM Power-hunger. The great army at your disposal, the ORM plans to win others over the ocean and then on the surface of the world. Standing in his way is Aquaer, the orms half-man, half-atlanteaned brothers, and the true heir of the throne. With the help of the Royal Vulko consultant, Aquaer download Trident Loo Atlan and embrace his fate as counsel.

Arthur Curry, he learns that he is the heir of the Kingdom of Atlantis and must lead his people and be the world’s hero.

Director: James WAN Authors: David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (screenplay), Will Beall (screenplay)

Arthur Curry, half human Atlantis, continues the journey of life. Not only is this powerful adventure he matched himself with his true identity, but he also forces him to discover when he is skillfully fulfilling his destiny: to be king.

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