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Cooking Fever Download Free Torrent

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Do you like cooking games like cooking class Sarah? Then you want to cook a high fever. In this adventure with the free basic content and microtransactions, you will be responsible to serve buyers in restaurant fast food (hamburger, pizza, tacos). The content is suitable for all audience all adult children can play.

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In cooking the fever, you must “live” wave of customers who will ask you for all kinds of fast food: hamburger, soft drinks, such as hot as a salesman you should follow the steps necessary to prepare a meal each and every order. For instance, to cook a good hamburger you have to put bread on the plate, the meat in the Pan, taking into consideration when it already expired (it was long-lasting and it will burn and you have to get rid of it!) and put it on the bread.
Rhythm and micromanagement management you will be key to the success of the cuisine of fever, especially when you go through the stages of training and starting to become overwhelmed by multiple customers at once. It is durable and the buyer will leave without paying. Fast and you’ll be very glad to shot down.
Right now, looks like a typical cuisine fever game cooking. What is special about it? Two elements: the establishment of Management and development.
At the end of the round or the degree of fever cuisines, you can invest the money in kitchen tools better. Fix your frying pan and meat will be made before. Buy more cupcake toppers are and you can save more foods with help with your groceries. Select what you would like to improve in contravention of one of condemnation of this kind of game: the linear progression.
When you have finished several rounds, the game will allow you to invest money to improve our appearance at the restaurant. This component was more strategic than it looks: entertaining customers with better and they will stay longer. Again, this part of the game helps you feel like you’re managing heat directly, not vice versa!

A lot of patience
Fever is not a 100% cooking of free games, ladies and gentlemen. This topic contains a selection of microtransactions to help you quickly improve your equipment or progress more quickly. You can finish making fever without having to pay, but you will often have to repeat a level to get enough money to improve your equipment. You will need a lot of patience.
Cooking a large control fever I’ve been grateful for the moments Most stress. There’s nothing that I hate more the game from When I lost my time because the title did not admit that I would like to give the order to the customer, for example.
Aesthetic level, the cooking temperature was good and better without excessive color slow down action on older devices. Each interactive element designed to easily recognizable when you find yourself in the middle of the roast, that’s the most important thing.

Highly recommended
Cooking fever makes us very surprised. We expect other game cooking and we found the title admits he is in a stagnant genre and need some kind of revolution.Unlike other sports the same cooking fever you control your strategy and how you want to move forward. We never thought we would be talking about game strategy at the kitchen, but we sure you also don’t expect to read this proposal.

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