Plants vs Zombies download

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Plants vs Zombies download

Clean torrent Plants vs Zombies

Plants vs Zombie Party and a simple game where you have to fight the undead with incredible weapons, plants that grow in plants against zombies are probably a little different. The hordes of zombies want to eat your brain and do whatever it takes to get to your home. You will encounter different zombies, undead, than usual, rugby player and diver (Function () {(‘ Study-application-location-Desktop ‘);});

Even if you have to take advantage of strategies and tactics to survive, every level of some, the Zombie plant is broken with mini-games like bowling, although you will have balls and zombies instead of pine. This and other challenges will be won in a price point that can later be used to buy new plant species or improve those you have.

In addition to the original adventurer regime, it was equipped with the anti-Zombie plant with a diet treated by others for hours. In survival mode, you will have to defend against the endless zombie hordes so you can test how long you are in the process, while in the Zen garden you will have time to relax and take care of the plants before entering the Jardi Swimming.

To protect against zombies, you will have lots of flowers and vegetables to choose from: To shoot flowers, beans to slow down your enemies, or mushrooms and daisies that will help you see the view used as a currency, I grow from New herbs. All the trees will help you prove your home.

Controls and games

Plants vs Zombies are controlled using mice. Easy-to-implement gestures that will help you manage in enlargement;

The curve to the Zombie is very smooth: The games are all the same, you are free on the original mission, to the point where you feel like you are going to doA walk. This difficulty has gradually increased to a minimum of attack at the end of Hell, where you have to perfectly plan the defense and use good sources.


Technically, anti-Zombie plants are not tepatpermenic-ArtistiqueDella, but this is certainly not of anything. Gets the character with exceptional things, the air really begins to take care of things that are curious about the undead.


No doubt, the Zombie plant is one of the most entertaining and addicting parts of the game you can play on your computer. Quantities and plants and zombies, but are gradually introduced so that you can avoid being stuck at the old levels.

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