Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Windows 7/8/10 Torrent Download

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2016 Windows 7/8/10 Torrent Download

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 adds a series of new features to the most popular presentation software on the market. Different new features make design and save presentation easier (although some are only available for Office 365 subscribers). Like other Microsoft Office applications, PowerPoint also has significantly improved help functionality-to know how a specific task can be achieved is much simpler than before;

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If you have used PowerPoint 2013, you do not see many changes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. The interface is pretty much the same, only changes that make a few small additions such as the Help menu. Some design processes are now streamlined or automated: for example, when you start entering a list of bulleted lists, PowerPoint now provides a more eye-catching SmartArt graphic to switch to your list. If you want to make your photos in an old-fashioned way, of course, it is still possible.

More Standard Layout design

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 is basically a slightly improved version of its predecessor, some new features and some general fixes for Office 2016. If you need to create a job or a school presentation, it’s always a Go-to tool. If you didn’t like the old version, there’s not much change in your mind. If you are looking for free alternatives, you may want to download Prezi or free Slide Show Maker.
Chrome XP portable Windows XP7810 For help, go to support for the Microsoft Media web site.


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