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The Sims 2 32 Bit torrent

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(Function () {(‘ Review-app-Page-Desktop ‘);}); The Sims 2 is the second installment of one of the most popular simulation games. Players have the chance to reproduce and run their own families and help them achieve their goals as well as rounded citizens.

Enter the world of the Sims 2 takes place in a stereotyped suburban neighbourhood. Players start with a drone that can customize and develop according to their will. While recognizing their dignity and aviator and physicality and they need to build a home to find work and develop social skills in order to find a partner to start a family and be a good member of the community. Needless to say, all this takes a lot of time and commitment and there are often a bit annoying if you look at attempts to use the bathroom for the room and study.

Are you a Sims lover? Sims 2 players reward with a very extensive and imaginative world to stroll and evolve their affections with anyone who is a sports fan simulation is sure to have hours of fun. Note that it takes many hours to progress through the Sims 2 and this is not a game for people who want a lot of action and adventure game.

Sims is back in four stages, and give you the opportunity to build your dream home and watch the virtual characters to evolve. This game is also available after the R for Mac. Years of waiting for the continuation of the Sims 3, can this last phase successfully rekindle the interest of the series? (Function () {(‘ Review-app-Page-Desktop ‘);});

Sims package that has no content

Sims 4 is not trying to revolutionize the rules of succession. However, I’m still waiting to see several new features compared to the other games in the series. Impressive, of course with this new version, the Electronic Arts has done the opposite of what I expected: instead of adding new content, the editorDecided Uzitojuu the game, having a large number;

There is no pool, no children, can not checklist of the Sims is a long way and the conclusion is clear: the Electronic Arts seem to have devoted enough space to add later DLC components that have been removed from the game. They seem to be an unfortunate moment to see the game “Full” is already sold;

This way, but the game offers countless new ones that Sims and they can do it in the city or at home. The type of items can be purchased ready for size and nature as well as various excursions that you can go to. It is a pity, however, that you can now get the screen to load every time sims to move in a lot of neighborhoods, while The Sims 3 offered a world of course where the act remained constant. The good news is that there is a new community portal that allows you to share your creations online (avatars and construction).

Great interface and Artificial intelligence

For gameplay and access, the Sims 4 improved most of its predecessor. Despite the presence of a large study, which can be annoying for those already familiar with the series, everything has been redesigned for better control;

The new character creator is the best: you can easily create a SIM from your dreams just by dragging your mouse over the part of the body you want to change. When it comes to creating or sewing your home, now things are arranged in a clear way, according to different rooms;

So Sims for a living is also paying close attention.
A new system is needed, your character is now free and intelligent, taking care of itself automatically to do jobs that meet your needs. This allows you to focus on important things and develop your talents and the Sims game.

Note, however, that camera control is complicated and impracticable. It is not possible to move in three dimensions, and isA great disappointment in the game, which benefits from the experience of previous Tatumatukio.

Not technically, but optimised very well

A year after Sims 3, many expected the new art research version of Realeste. Unfortunately, the difference between the Sims 3 and The Sims 4 is unclear if necessary. Although some nice animation effects that look appealing, graphics in this new version that had already recorded from the time it was released. It is very bad, although this disadvantage does not have the benefit of making a game compatible with low power computers.

To not take it from the technical point of view of this new Sims, the level of detail on the face clearly improved. The main improvement lies in the large number of animation available, Withsims can now go through various emotions. So, you can have a lot of pleasure that helped inspire the best in the life of the Sims in general.

Full of ideas and very little DLC

Sims 4 is underwhelming success. The collaborator seems to be a work relationship; Sims character creator and a chance to build a humble jewel and have great power. And much needed redesigned system with better automation for your Sims, Youpow has more freedom to experience the best of games. There are many plug-ins for this game to download and enjoy: Get together, work!, retreat off, unfortunately the game has a flaw that failures are not readily available, especially for the long-time fans of the series. With technical flaws and undeniable, the game was stripped of content compared to 3 Sims, showing very long series of content downloads paid soon. This is an unfortunate step that part of the Electronic Arts that want to modify their policy for the next few years, if they want to avoid will cause many fans.


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