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There are quite a number of programs dedicated to productivity, but many of them only repack the existing equipment. However, Slack is not, however, a useful tool for organizing your work day, but also provides new features that you don’t know they need. This free desktop and cellular application in large format is a very high standard and will make you think about how you set it without it.

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The tags for this application are less busy, which really happens if you use it correctly. Of course, you might lose time while you get the whole team to learn about the application and identify the best wayto use it, but in general it will save time and make everyone more productive. This is only a message,but adapted to conquer the terrible communication problems that most modern offices have. The system plays channels, marked with a hash tag. Each channel is given a title, such as #Marketing or #Accounts. When you want to send a message to the Marketing team, click on the appropriate channel. When you want to contact someone specific or have a sensitive message, you can refer to a user or DM message. This service is similar to Skype or Messenger, but there are also more features. You can easily transfer files, for example by dropping them. It also integrates with any file that existslike Dropbox.

More simple and intuitive

The bigger point for Slack is that it is very intuitive, builds systems used in general messaging programs, while simplifying a number ofthings to reduce the time spent searching for buttons. This must reduce lost time to train the team to use. This program has a soft, very clean and modern style interface. You can also integrate other software to reduce window exchanges, such as Google Drive Twitter and more. All of this can be found in your archive along with your message. This software even indexes it in files, so your search includes content such as PDF. Another great advantage of the softwarethis is that this device is easily synchronized with your mobile device, so each base will be closed and even prepared to notify you of changes. Finally, look for a small intersection like a private channel for supersy control that shows the mind that has gone to this application.

Speed ​​up anddo various things

Light content creators claim customers see an average decrease in internal email, which will definitely save time. Add the fact that software is free to use for companies of any size and if there is no real reason not to try it. The company also has a special support team to help integrate into your office. Finders can say no. Does this dowhatever the software package does, but if you like everything in one place, this is a good place to start.

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