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ILSAS International Virtual Conference on Learning & Development

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After death, the virus is destroyed more than humanity, the victims are forced to wait alone in strengthening the bunkers when the threat of the virus proceeds. You can communicate through a video link, the victims wait for years and slowly become a good family. But their social scenario is broken.on top of each other to begin to secretly disappear from their bins.

The married couple’s family life in secret forests is brutally cruel to the hippieen’s night worship of their demon-biker madness, leading the person into an increasingly crazy rebellion of revenge.
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Panos authors:

Panos Kosmatos,Aaron Stewart-An | In 1983, the Red Man is an attacker who lives in a secret cabin in the woods.
Her friend Mandy uses her days to read fantasy papers. Then one day he looks to a pious leader who is engaged in a group of fighters. Answering the motorcycle,to take it. Red, armed with axes and an ordinary ax, will stop everything to return it, leaving a bunch of blood, cruel to his wife.


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