In Poland, the buy canada goose jacket cheap prize mushroom is

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In Poland, the buy canada goose jacket cheap prize mushroom is

A lazy weekend in Dobrzyn Why Evolution Is True

Speaking of noms, here Gosia, the lodger at my hosts canada goose factory sale house, bringing me cheap canada goose uk a nice cheap Canada Goose present: a jar of homemade wild mushroom soup canada goose black friday sale made by her aunt. This is a traditional Polish dish, and was absolutely delicious as a first course last night.Dinner: chicken, Swedish potatoes, cauliflower, and wine. (Malgorzata and Andrzej lived in Sweden for many years, and still cook Swedish food). Emma the dg looks Canada Goose sale on.A plate of Polish sunflower seed and sesame seed cookies is just the ticket for an afternoon treat, especially when washed down with a glass of pure cherry buy canada goose jacket juice:Yesterday Hili Canada Goose Parka got a special treat, too: a saucer of milk. She works up quite canadian goose jacket an appetite during her days roaming the cherry orchard. And her white nose stripe looks as if she dipped her face in the milk.Sarah, a family friend, took a picture of Hili when she was a kitten (about a year ago) and had it put onto a mug. Even as a baby she showed her penchant for climbing.Last night, while ensconced in my room, Hili suddenly canada goose leapt off the bed and ran to the canada goose coats door. I thought she wanted out, but she had spotted a cricket clinging to the doorframe about two meters off the floor. Canada Goose Outlet Without any canada goose clearance sale hesitation she leapt up and batted it onto the floor with her paw. She didn attack it, but simply followed it as it hopped about Canada Goose Online the room.I then picked her up and held her while I captured Canada Goose Coats On Sale the cricket and put it outside. When I let her go, she ran right back to the spot where the cricket had been and looked uk canada goose puzzled. Not finding it there, she then ran back to canada goose outlet the door and looked up exactly where the cricket had been originally. Conclusion: cats have a short term spatial memory that lasts at least several minutes.That two meter leap was something to see.Hili longing to write a post for Racjonalista. by the way, means mine in Hebrew.The weather has been perfect as long as I been here: blue skies and temperatures in the lower 20s (C). Andrzej and I went for a canada goose uk outlet walk to the Vistula this morning:This is the house where I staying. Above the door is its name on a board: Does anybody recognize that, and what it denotes?And the yard (note the apple tree), beyond which is the very large orchard that runs down to the bluffs overlooking the Vistula:Slovakia mushroom soup is similar to Polish. Not sure about Slovenia canada goose clearance south of Austria with Balkan/Mediterranean influences. In Poland, the buy canada goose jacket cheap prize mushroom is the prawdziwek (Boletus edulis), in Italy it is called the porcino. So truth in Poland, piglet in Italy. Dried mushrooms are used to make soup. The intensity of the flavor is incredible.Warsaw is canada goose uk black friday 52 degrees north, Chicago is 41. Not sure what area of the US is comparable. At one time, this was covered by the canada goose uk shop primeval forest which covered all of Northern canada goose coats on sale Europe. The only piece left is in Bialowieza Forest on the Polish Belarussian border. They have bison there what we incorrectly call buffalo in the US.cats have a short term spatial memory that lasts at least several minutes. kitty, The Bantam Menace, which we shorten to Bantam, cornered a squirrel on our back porch. The squirrel quickly ascended the screen and used the rolled up blinds to protect itself. Hearing the commotion on the porch I opened the back door, grabbed Bantam and sequestered him inside. Meanwhile the squirrel was able to safely exit the porch.But Bantam, being a relentless hunter, sprinted for the cat door at the opposite end of the house, and made an equally canada goose store hard charge for Canada Goose online the back porch, where he promptly focused his full attention on the squirrel last seen position.So they Canada Goose Jackets not only have short term spatial memory, but clearly they have some ability to plan. I remain astonished at Bantam ability to sprint in the opposite direction of his with the intention of circling back uk canada goose outlet for another attack.Traditional swedish foods are a mix of stout simple foods for heavy work (farming) think potatoes, pork, fish, vegetables; samish and hunting kitchens think game and reindeer meats; and brittish, german, french et cetera influences from many invasive wars of the former superpower. (That is why we love coffee Karl XII fled to Turkey and later introduced the potent drink.)But today, after a long delay for outreach, it is quite the international cuisine swedish kooks place well in international games and among New York fancier restaurants with a strength in planning simplification (I think).A popular swedish kitchen is balancing meat and sweats reindeer lingonberry jam is the archetype.This is difficult to explain suffice to say that because of the success of the Chicago Blackhawks, Malort is popular in Chicago specifically Malrt, a distilled beverage, is a brand of bsk brnnvin produced by the Carl Jeppson Company of Chicago. Jeppson Malrt is the only brand of bsk made in the United States and is named after Carl Jeppson, the Swedish immigrant who first popularized and sold the liquor in Chicago. Malrt is the Swedish word for wormwood,which is the key ingredient in a bsk brnnvin.

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