So for a year they double clarinets with oboes

ILSAS International Conference on Learning & Development

So for a year they double clarinets with oboes

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I’m cheap canada goose coat not one of the composers who’s allowed to write for orchestra much, so I don’t teach orchestration. But I do have my own little orchestrational experimentation sandbox, which is that my composition students write orchestra pieces that get played when they graduate. So for a year they double clarinets with oboes, and voice brass chords with the horn on top, and ask me what I think, and I mumble things like, “I dunno,” “Looks good to me,” “Yeah, that might work.” And you know what? Almost everything works.

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Very humbling to receive the WXN award, he says. Fact that businesses are starting to see the value of what we do and embracing it publicly is a very, very good thing. SECTION WAS CREATED BY CONTENT WORKS, POSTMEDIA’S COMMERCIAL CONTENT DIVISION, ON BEHALF OF PHASENYNE (PARENT COMPANY OF WOMEN’S EXECUTIVE NETWORK WXN, STEVENS RESOURCE GROUP SRG, AND CANADIAN BOARD DIVERSITY COUNCIL CBDC).

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