That when bystanders gathered fire extinguishers

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That when bystanders gathered fire extinguishers

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Bystanders were really amazing, she said. Went through the line of cars: Who had first aid kits? Who had blankets and water? Who knows CPR? said the vehicle fire quickly spread to the nearby brush and forested areas. That when bystanders gathered fire extinguishers, shovels and even water bottles from other drivers to try to douse the flames.

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“It was one of these moments where I really wanted to understand who I was,” he said of the time following his mother’s death.With his maternal grandparents already gone, he longed to know more about the history of his mother’s relatives he met at family reunions in Jefferson City growing up. While searching the website, Sears foundvarious family documents, war registrations, census reports and a name Bill Driver.Although he didn’t remember it when he saw the name, Sears and Driver had met before: at a1985 family reunion. Sears was only 4 at the time.

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