Amy has spoken with her therapist to look into why she keeps

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Amy has spoken with her therapist to look into why she keeps

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canada goose uk shop I think at the time I thought “well if my boyfriend’s not interested maybe somebody else will be”.Amy has spoken with her therapist to look into why she keeps cheating. She feels intense guilt, but that hasn’t taken her out of the cheating and self hating cycle.’My therapist says it’s because I don’t feel like I’m good enough for my boyfriend, so am trying to sabotage canada goose outlet factory the relationship so that it can come down to a “well you cheated” and not “you’re not good enough”,’ she says.’I feel guilt all the time, and it’s definitely even more damaging to my self esteem. I probably let my boyfriend get away with stuff (nothing bad, just like, watching eleven hours of football) that I wouldn’t if I was faithful, but because I cheated I end up thinking “oh it’s fine, let him have that, you cheated on him you heinous woman”.’Like many people who have cheated, Amy is beginning to wonder whether a monogamous relationship is right for her.’I don’t think monogamy is realistic in a very long term relationship,’ she says. canada goose uk shop

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